We work with organisational leaders and their teams to help them to harness personal and collective potential for meaningful and powerful impact, using tested actionable self-realisation discovery tool and process.

Peter is a trained and experienced individual and organisational Human Potential development facilitator and coach. He has participated in Human Potential realisation summit and training programs in Europe and India. He is also a member and thought leader in the Being at Full Potential Global Council. In the social-community sector, Peter has facilitated Entrepreneurial Equalisation and Youth Employability workshops in South Auckland.

* Associate member of the Institute of Management Consultant NZ (IMCNZ - 2012)

* Certified Individual and Organisational Human Potential Coach (since 2014)


Inspiration from meditative writings of Deepak Chopra

Everything is an activity in consciousness, originating in consciousness, and made of consciousness. This realization is considered the ultimate liberation.

We can’t be sure that this liberation lies ahead of us tomorrow, but we can live knowing that this is the goal and purpose of being here.

More importantly, we can embrace the glimpses we get of life in liberation, glimpses that come any time we feel joy, love, compassion, safety, a sense of meaning, and the touch of “the light,” however you wish to define that.

The system of self-realisation is based on the knowledge that no one is weak, lost, or insignificant. We are children of the universe, and for that reason, the universe spreads out all around us, infinite in every direction.


"Conscious Culture" is the trade name of Change Strategy Limited.


"..... the fundamental reality of consciousness is the prerequisite and a necessary and sufficient condition for an individual’s quest for lasting happiness and, at the same time, the foundation of world peace." Rupert Spira.

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