In my blog last week (see link below) I showed the direction of the Culture Value Chain, where Growth Mindset drives Company Culture (that) drives Peak Performance.

In turn, a high or peak performance company culture shows up in higher levels of Employee Engagement àCustomer Orientation and Satisfaction à Stakeholders Satisfaction, including inner growth in Self-Leadership, Inventiveness, Trustworthiness and Bottom-Line Focus, as illustrated in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1 – Culture value chain for peak performance

It is not easy (so far) to work with mindset

·       88% of the respondents (HR Leaders) in the Deloitte survey (Global Human Capital Trends, 2015) believe that that their organizations are not excellent at effectively driving the desired culture.

·       (Yet) 87% of organizations cite culture and engagement as one of their top challenges, and 50 percent call the problem “very important.” (Same survey)

The challenge organizations really face is how to work on mindset (that drive a high performance culture), when both mindset and culture is primarily invisible, something we cannot touch or see or grab a hold off?

We can use the culture iceberg model to illustrate the challenge (see Figure 2 below). In an iceberg, over 90% or so is below the ‘water line’. Yet what is unseen (below the ‘water line’) has the greatest potential to make a serious impact.

The point here is that when we have a way to experience and ‘see’ (or make it observable) our mindset then we can also make a profound impact on our company culture. 

Figure 2 – The Culture Iceberg

So how can we make mindset something more practical and something we can experience to create a high performing culture, and make an impact?

We believe that a high performance mindset can be experienced and felt by creating the conditions for our immense Human Potential to be realized, because every person is gifted with abundant potential and enormous intrinsic need and an insatiable inner-desire for fulfillment in one’s life – to reach and be at our full potentialities. 

Now, such a practical solution and methodology, grounded in the practice of HUMAN POTENTIAL REALIZATION has been created by Being at Full Potential ( This is also a very powerful solution because each person in the organization can now take responsibility for their individual growth mindset and therefore participate (both individually and collectively) in co-creating and evolving a high performance culture. 

Here is an outline of how we experience and practice a Human Potential Realization Mindset; 

·       The organizational Human Potential Realization Methodology assesses and measures 6 (observable) business drivers or metrics (refer Figure1 above) as a result of a high performance mindset and culture.

·       The Methodology also assesses and measures our Human Potential Utilization broken down by the 4 BEING States and 23 Dimensions (or characteristics)

·       Furthermore, the Methodology assesses and measures 8 Human Potential Realization Attitudes (see Figure 3 below), to enable us to practice and perform with a Human Potential Realization mindset, which drives peak performance.

·       Now that we have a model and framework that allow us to of ‘see’ measurable and tangible data points of our (invisible) Human Potential Realization Mindset, we have a safe pathway to access into breakthrough insights, discover hidden gaps, and uncover new levers or new fields of emerging creative opportunity, previously hidden. 

·       This methodology transforms our mindset to a higher evolutionary culture level by incorporating future based language, symbols and attitudes that drives peak experience and performance for breakthrough external outcomes (6 business drivers mentioned above0. 

This is illustrated in Figure 3 below. (Acknowledgement - I must thank Trace Hobson in Canada for showing me the initial framework that I have adapted in the figure below).

Figure 3 – Peak Performance Culture Evolving from a Human Potential Realization Mindset

An opportunity to experience a Human Potential Realization Mindset for a high performance company culture

If you want to learn and experience what it is like to show up in a Human Potential Realization Mindset that drives and create a high performance culture, we encourage  to join us at any one of the HUMAN POTENTIAL REALISATION SUMMITS listed below (follow links); 

·      Christchurch, New Zealand – 10 to 12 February, 2016

·      Auckland, New Zealand –15 to 17, February 2016

Mumbai, India –21 to 23 February, 2016

Peter Leong -  6 January 2016