This Human Potential assessment and our unique leadership development framework, diagnostics and methodology is your ideal companion for developing/elevating/advancing the higher stages of leadership action logics or consciousness, co-creating or transforming conscious culture, unlocking the full potential of high-performance teams, and leadership executive coaching of aspiring talents in your organisation.

Organizations have done a great job developing DOING leaders (mainly from lateral developmental growth) – in setting direction, translating goals into concrete actions, establishing the right systems, structures and reward mechanisms to influence behavior, all contribute to the DNA of an effective DOING leader.

But how much of a person's true leadership potential is being expressed when we solely focus on the DOING or staying at DOING level? Our research shows that the average leadership potential score is around 60% (see Figure below). However, when we start to move the needle to 80% or 90%, we can ignite the BEING of a leader (mainly from vertical developmental growth).

Using our Human Potential Assessment tool and diagnostics, we can establish a correlation between the DOING leader with the CONVENTIONAL stage of leadership ACTION LOGIC[1] (i.e. meaning-making or view of reality driving reasoning and behavior). Similarly, we can also correlate the BEING leader with the POST-CONVENTIONAL stage of leadership action logics (refer to Figure below). In other words, we can show how the five States of our Consciousness Maturity Index correlates with the eight identified stages of a leader’s action logics (first introduced by Willian Torbert).

Studies show that leaders “can potentiate a shift in their leadership capacity by developing their leadership action logic.”[2]

Research also show that “the development of a leader’s meaning making system (i.e. action logic or consciousness maturity) has been identified as a key determinant of leadership effectiveness.[3]

By deploying our Human Potential realisation tool and methodology, leaders have access to a powerful (yet practical) leadership developmental framework and process that we can apply to set in motion and develop a ‘conveyor’ or ‘pipeline’ of leaders with Conventional action logics AND leaders with higher stages of Post-Conventional action logics. 

Research[4] suggests that organisations having a mix of leaders with different stages of action logics (including later or higher stages) have a greater CAPACITY and confidence to act in and on the world in a way it believes it can be effective and have significant impact – directly engaging with real-life issues (including wicked problems) and results in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world. 

The next level of leadership and organizational breakthrough come when we ignite the BEING (and consciousness) of a leader with the capacity to take on new perspectives - not only WHAT the BEING leader knows but also HOW he or she knows.

Imagine the difference we could make when our leaders’ actions and behaviors (DOING) become a natural expression and actualization of our deeper passions, Human spirit and aspirations (BEING). 

Imagine a work environment (conscious culture) where our individual purpose is synchronized with an expanding reality of collective wholeness, with a new way of sensing, seeing and navigating through the fast-pace technological-driven world we live in today, and arriving with new sustainable solutions for all stakeholders.

Self-actualised people often experience flow, as well as peak experience.[5]  At BEING at Full Potential we believe that when we enter into peak experience, peak performance inevitably follows.

The Professional Human Potential assessment is an advanced, well- tested diagnostic that exposes the very core (the BEING) of a leader’s potential and its leadership maturity in consciousness or action logics. It determines a person's capability to translate WHO AM I and HOW I KNOW into WHAT I DO along the most important organizational priorities. 

Ultimately, it is this shift or movement in conscious maturity (actionable access to non-rational and highly adaptive way of knowing or who you are and how you engage and participate in the new reality) that brings out and unleash our greatest or fullest leadership potential as a natural and as-lived self-expression.

We use the metaphor or symbol of an iceberg (see Figure above) to tie everything together into an integral and holistic “Enquiry, Discovery and Harnessing” process. Our Human Potential model breaks the highly subjective field of Human Potential down into 6 Performance Metrics, 4 Human Potential Realisation States and 8 Leadership Attitudes and provides clear insight on how to unleash your leadership potential into breakthrough or extraordinary performance.

At the top of the iceberg (visible) are the Organisational performance measures (OPM) that every leader, no matter what sector they work in, agree that these 6 metrics are critical to enabling breakthrough performance. 

In the middle of the iceberg (invisible) are the 4 Being States that is consistent among the great transformational leaders who operate at high potential and who tend to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, creating significant impact, and can do all of this while remaining centered, irrespective of the circumstances they encounter. 

At the bottom of the iceberg are the 8 leadership attitudes or mindset (see figure on the right). They are the attitudes and mindsets that a leader needs to adopt and practice, in order to further enhance his or her HUMAN EXPERIENCE while working (and leading), and as a result, create the conditions for a new wave of value creation (and solutions) to emerge. 

We can now access and address the WHOLE culture/leadership iceberg for the lasting developmental and transformational impact and change. This framework makes it very easy for organizational leaders to discover how and where to place themselves based on today's reality, and more importantly, get a glimpse of what the emerging future reality and human capacity could look like at its full potentiality. 

It is this future state, and the additional value that it can create for an organization, that triggers an openness to look at the deeper human levers sitting beneath the surface. Not only do we measure where you and/or your organisation are today on these leadership priorities, but we also provide you with a detailed map of your ideal end state. With this ideal state in mind we work backwards to identify the areas of intervention at the deeper human dimension. 

Peter Leong is a network partner and thought leader in Conscious Culture and Conscious Leadership with Being at Full Potential. For questions about the tool, methodology and our leadership workshop facilitation programs, and how it might benefit you and your organization in NZ, please contact or at +64 21 1902828.

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