Covid 19 Support

Covid 19 Support
We are pleased to offer 5-hours of one-on-one expert coaching sessions spread over 5 to 7 weeks. This coaching plan is eligible for Covid-19 recovery support from Regional Business Network.

  • Our coaching plan includes a new and inspiring online Human Potential assessment + report. Coaching is conducted via Zoom/Microsoft Team/Skype.
  • ONE-ON-ONE EXPERT COACHING IS ONE OF THE BEST WAY TO RECOVER QUICKLY from the shocking disruption of Covid-19. Remember that you life is filled with infinite human possibilities.
  • We Believe Every Person Is Gifted With Abundant Potential. Now with the Government's Covid-19 support, you have this deserved opportunity to enjoy being coached by our fully certified and experienced coaches to help you to unlock and unleash this infinite possibilities in you - not only to recover but to thrive. you have the opportunity to reach out to this beautiful coaching plan to reclaim your full human potential.
Content and personal outcomes that you can bring out in yourself.

  • Finding courage to face the unknown and be open to new possibilities. 
  • Altering relationship to adversity – willingness to accept and engage with any challenge that comes your way. 
  • Being in the flow – how you can find insights and levers to remain centered in challenging times. 
  • Being curious – look at the world with fresh eyes. 
  • Play – finding joy and creative experience at work. Instil harmony in yourself – discovering ability to create sufficient space for reflection and self-care. 
  • Reigniting passion – rekindling fire in the belly. Increase your self-awareness - expanding the extent to which you become aware of your unique gifts and choosing to live by them. 
  • Taking a holistic view - being able to step back and see the big picture from the perspective of the different stakeholders. 
  • Holding space for gratitude - seeing the goodness even in challenging situations.

  • NZ960.00, plus GST, 100% Covid-19 recoverable (until further information from Government). 
  • Includes online Human Potential Assessment and comprehensive report - a valuable resource during and after coaching.

  • Providing expert and specialised advice on human wellness and fulfillment. 
  • It also has a positive flow on contribution to business continuity planning.
The quality of our Human Potential Coaches
  • All our Human Potential Development are certified coaches and trained by Being at Full Potential.
  • We are passionate practioneers of being at our full potential in our day-to-day life. We commit to live our vision and mission in life.
  • In our 1-1 coaching we specialize in going deeper and helping you see beyond your day-to-day roles and responsibilities. We support you in re-connecting with the essence of who you are and why you are here.
  • We love to "play" as we work as to manifest joy and creative experience together.