A transformative experience that arises from a higher mode of knowing to awaken the BEING LEADERSHIP directly in you. Designed for leaders, decisions makers and influencers looking at shifting to higher states of peak performance and experience. For more details or to register, please text or contact Peter Leong (and I will get back to you) at Mobile: 021 190 2828; Email:

  • Date: 22/10/2019 08:30 PM
  • Location: Potters Park Events Centre, 164 Balmoral Rd., Mount Eden, Auckland (Map)
  • More Info: Ample parking available on site


Why and how this workshop will benefit you?

  • This is not your regular leadership training course. It is experiential and not content driven. It invites you to step into the ‘BEING’, how to engage and show-up as a BEING LEADER in the world, and “playing at peak or optimal potential in the court”.

  • This is a tested Leadership Development Program that expands your conventional and scientific mode of knowing about leadership today, into a dynamic consciousness-based mode of direct and actionable knowledge of a Being Leader to confidently face emerging challenges.

  • The workshop will demystify the process of Being Leadership and relate it to your top-most or most pressing leadership challenges you are facing today and tomorrow at work.


  • Potentiate a shift in your authentic leadership capacity by developing enhanced meaning-making capabilities of a Being Leader with an expanded field of knowing and Doing from Being.

  • Leave the day with practical and deeper-level take-home insights and practices to leverage what you are doing today to another level of assurance and inventiveness in work and life.



This is a full-on 1-day Master Class group session designed for 8 to 18 participants per workshop.  

  • HOW a leader can cultivate deeper leadership capacities (with greater confidence) by awakening your peak performance state and your Authentic Self.

  • WHAT a leader knows is important. But we will discover that HOW a leader knows can help the leader to see further from a “higher elevation”, and this will inform their actions and effectiveness in more powerful ways than he or she can ever imagine, (like standing on a mountain peak).

  • Includes a unique online Professional Human Potential survey with a comprehensive report giving you insights to a wealth of your Human Potential metrics (all 29 of them).

  • The workshop will be run with two facilitators to create a safe container for enriching conversations and sharing.


$750.00 per participant plus GST (including comprehensive Professional Human Potential Realisation assessment and report, workshop handouts, lunch, morning & afternoon refreshments). Customised and in-house enquiry welcome.


For more details or to register, please text or contact Peter Leong (and I will get back to you) at  Mobile: 021 190 2828; 



Peter is a trained and experienced individual and organisational Human Potential development facilitator and coach. He has participated in Human Potential realisation summit and training programs in Europe and India. He is also a member and thought leader in the Being at Full Potential Global Council. In the social-community sector, Peter has facilitated Entrepreneurial Equalisation and Youth Employability workshops in South Auckland.