Observing and discovering deep Human Dimensions and Consciousness at play in your organisation

Observing and discovering deep Human Dimensions and Consciousness at play in your organisation

Organisational leaders are seeing that the interventions that yielded great results up to now are no longer having the same impact as they used to, no matter how hard they try. 

So what are we missing?  What is the next frontier?  What is the next value creation paradigm in organizations? We believe the answer lies in the unlocking of its HUMAN POTENTIAL. But how to do this without losing your way? 

The first step in the process of the paradigm shift is to carry out a unique "Organisation Human Potential Assessment", for any selected group of key leaders, managers and new talents in the organisation. The assessment is followed by a 'primary' defriefing and workshop session. 

  • This is the only assessment that truly exposes the human potential utilization in your organization, and it is customisable for all organisational types and sizes.

Organisational leaders and everyone involved in the group assessment will be thoroughly amazed with the depth of insights and patterns they get and see as they experience the Human Potential/Performance assessment and the workshop. 

  • Guaranteed, it will open the door to breakthrough conversations, ideas and actions. 

The assessment and workshop provides a compelling set of Human Performance data-points that informs and back-up strategic decision making in the organisation. 

It provides a holistic framework that quantifies and intuitively connects the deeper human levers of culture with the strategic priorities of an organization - something that has not been available until now. 

  • We can now quantify the invisible aspects of the whole culture pyramid(see figure below) and accurately determine which of the deeper human levers need to be worked on in order to elevate the consciousness, and subsequently, the performance maturity of the organization.

Contact us for a free consultation. We will first find out why the Organisational Human Potential Assessment is of interest to you, and what is it that you are curious about. Are there key performance areas you wish to address? Then we can show you what you can expect to gain from the unique assessment. We put together a proposal for your review after that.

Please also check out Part 3 of "Creating Conscious Culture" article by clicking on this link-pdf and you will gain greater insight to our unique assessment tool and methodology. 

What happens after the primary assessment, debrief and workshop?

The above HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment provides  the top-line findings which is bound to open up deeper questions at the debrief and workshop. 

Depending on the needs that arise from this report, and what and where the data and insights are revealed, we encourage the key stakeholders to spend quality time in DISCOVERY during which time the insights are fully integrated and transformed into actionable next steps, fully owned by the organization. 

We will work closely with the leaders to design additional workshops to look deeply into the current beliefs and assumptions that drive their business decisions today and make very deliberate choices on who they want to BE going forward. This involves

  1. “Subtracting” (the process of understanding the disconnects – or the shortfalls – along the various states and dimensions of the HUMAN POTENTIAL Assessment Model), 
  2. “Passaging” (releasing control of the familiar processes used to arrive at solutions) and 
  3. “Arrival” (seeing opportunities in uncertainties and allowing new possibilities to reveal themselves).

Finally, we recommend that we move into the HARNESS phase, where 

  • the organization is encouraged to visualize and speak about its new intentions in full details (via town-hall meetings or other) and start shaping them into a new implementation plan (Re-scripting). 
  • Targeted training and coaching programs are rolled out at the individual and group levels to make the new inner states a reality.
  • Collectively new language and customs are adopted so that employees are engaged in more empowering ways. 
  • Management embraces new leadership habits, and the new consciousness is reflected in the management objectives and tools, like in the Business Balance Score Card (Re-sculpting).