At Conscious Culture, we help to bring out the unique Self to express freely his or her full Human Potential, individually and collectively. We do this by co-creating a conscious culture through development of conscious change leaders and self-organising change agents in the organisations.
Peter Leong - Principle Consultant and Coach
Certified Individual and Organisational Human Potential Coach (since 2016)

"Living from the inside out is an overflowing inner richness that wants to express itself by creating something that transcends the small self." (Fred Hofman - Conscious Business)

My journey as a management consultant is one evolving movement from an "outside-in" to an "inside-out" transformation. This movement inevitably and naturally show up in the consultancy and coaching space of self-awareness and conscious culture deployment. Learning from Sujith Ravindran and Mark Vandeneijnde from Being at Full Potential was a big part of my professional and personal transformation, and we continue our collaboration as a network partner

I come to the gradual realisation that culture, and as such consciousness (the unifying but invisible substance or essence of culture), is the social space that works in unseen ways to unlock and unleash the natural and immense Human Potential of people in the organisation, thereby leading to extraordinary performance outcomes, individually and collectively.

When we ignore consciousness, as the invisible form of culture in organisations, then any strategic change management initiatives becomes a struggle. It is little wonder that when we ignore the core inner elements of Human dynamics in our change initiatives, then ... "75% of change mananagement initiatives fails." (Towers Watson Report - 2013). We work to make change management succeed through Conscious Culture principles and design.

"Conscious Culture" is the trade name of Change Strategy Limited.

"Remember, the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you." Rumi

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